Schedule an appointment to undergo a physical examination that will assist the physician in determining more about your condition.



     Bring your Health Insurance Card, Photo ID, Medications and Copies of Medical History to help the doctor evaluate your case and expedite your visit.



During your first visit you will undergo a physical examination that will assist the physician in determining more about your condition and, in some cases, fixing your problem in the office.

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  • Colon Pain
    Colon Pain

    Get help on issues related to anal cancer, colon cancer, bowel disease or other chronic sickness. Are you having issues with bowel movements including diarrhea, difficult passing stool or other bowel issues? If you are...

    Anal Warts
    Anal Warts

    Pain in your anal region may include changes in how your bowel is feeling and functioning, blood in the stool and general discomfort.

    Rectal Issues
    Rectal Issues

    Issues with anal itching, fissure, growths, warts, hemorrhoids, proctitis (inflammation) and other issues of the anus will be addressed during your first consultation with Dr. Aronoff. Anal Abscess – Fistula Anal Cancer Anal Fissure Anal...

    Abdominal Problems
    Abdominal Problems

    Issues with abdominal pain, ulcerative colitis, gastroenteritis, peritonitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease or other problems may be relieved with simple treatments. Common causes of Abdominal Problems Appendicitis – Starts as a discomfort or pain...

Colon & Rectal Health News  

Stopping rectal pain

Stopping rectal pain

Stopping rectal pain means addressing the root cause. Sometimes called anorectal pain, rectal pain can come from many different things,...


  • Dr. Aronoff knows New York City and was referred to me by someone who recommended him. Dr. Aronoff understands Gay Men’s Health issues. My issue was a serious one until he listened to my symptoms, quickly examined me and scheduled a procedure for the very next day. He was FAST and PROFESSIONAL.
    Aaron WrightAaron Wright

    42 years

  • Dr, Aronoff is a straight shooter ... no B.S. (Which I like!). The Doctor is a Rock Star !!!!
    James Cosares

    32 years